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A time-efficient,
brain effective success tool.


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One Small Nudge creates group experiences to get you to reflect, strategise, plan and measure the progress of your micro to small business.

We craft group gatherings which draw on our collective intelligence and the human capacity to think better together.

Our aim is to get people in business to talk to each other so that you can think better – and plan, commit and be accountable for your goals.



We develop short, sharp and smart workshops and run Accountability Labs to get you to THINK about your micro to small business.

We are acutely aware that the environment out there is tough – as individuals and entrepreneurs we know that you are short on time and that each cent counts. Our workshops are offer meaningful results for your time and for your ‘bucks’: low-resource, high-impact.

At the workshops and Labs, OSN shows you how to create verbal and visual MAPS of your plans, so you build strong brain connections…

to get to your goals


Accountability Labs

These are for small groups of like-minded professionals who want to move forward steadily in their businesses, measure progress and stay in a growth-mindset. An Accountability Lab is a visioning, action and achievement tool for getting to your goals. The group context provides support and encouragement month-to-month. These are 60-75 minutes per month, similar to having a board of directors to report to, be accountable for the goals you set for yourself and keep momentum going on tactical goals.


Strategy and Personal Development Workshops

Aimed at small business, entrepreneurs, start-ups, consultants, freelancers and professionals, we have developed a spectrum of two hour workshops which we run at co-working spaces and on request. Workshops range from strategy workshops to Achievement Mapping to developing your strengths for confidence building.


Customised workshops and facilitation

We have the expertise to build workshops and interventions tailor-made to your needs. We work with small businesses and organisations who require internal interventions to align the personal values and vision of your workforce with that of your company. These are designed to motivate your people, retain talent, tap into potential, get better performance and also keep reminding them of the strategic imperatives of the business.

Clarity, ease & simplicity is what makes Labs work

The Science.

Do you know that people who write down their goals are 39,5 % more likely to achieve them? Telling a friend increases this rate to 76,7 %

Human beings are wired to work as a collective, in companies, communities of practice, families or sports teams. We all know that two brains working together can innovate, create and build more and better than just one brain on its own. This is common-knowledge, but check out the books and research papers, and the fact that we are social beings is rooted in science.

All our work at One Small Nudge is built on brain science, systems theory, adult learning theory, behavioural science, behavioural economics and business science.

With 4IR and the future of work, we need to boost our ability to create and innovate. We believe great ideas come from better thinking and learning, both as individuals and socially, as a group.

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Laura is a professional executive coach by trade with a masters degree in management, specialising in business coaching.

She gets a kick out of helping professionals learn ways to optimise potential and overcome limiting beliefs in order to improve individual performance and efficiency with over-reaching organisational benefits.

Her Master’s thesis was about how coaching increases wellbeing. Along the way, she discovered that goals are a very big part of our sense of wellbeing. Along with her coaching, One Small Nudge is a modality she uses to set, drive and achieve goals with individuals and teams.

When she gets a gap, she heads to the closest junk shop to search for mid-century furniture, she collects fiction (and non) set in Venice and will make any excuse to draw and paint with her kids. She’s also a mean cook and has strong views about the role nutrition plays in well being.

She lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two kids.

Master of Management in the field of Business Executive Coaching (Wits Business School 2011-2014); Business and Executive Coaching Certificate (WBS 2010); Postgraduate Diploma in Management (WBS); BA Hons (Wits)

Chances are that your annual goals are out of date.

'Volatility' means that things change at the speed of light. It also means that you need to set shorter term goals, more frequently.

Getting the whole picture

I hear my clients and colleagues complain of ‘Zoom fatigue’ almost every day. Our ears are essential to hearing and learning, but what is it about having meetings on screen vs in person that is so exhausting? Turns out that listening is as much a visual as an ‘aural’ enterprise....

Have you set a goal and not followed through with it?

Otherwise, have you reached a goal and then just not felt any happier than before? Experts say that this is because of ‘failures in conative process’.  Huh? WTF is ‘conative process’? The human capacity to set and pursue personal agendas is referred to by researchers using this term. (It’s got nothing to...

OSN is all about making the ideas in your head real.
We want people to end up SEEING their ideas become reality.

What People Say

One Small Nudge is about input and outcome: enhance support, focussed collaboration and conversation into your business strategy, and the result is increased creativity and productivity.

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