You’re working on your next big thing.

It’s been in your head and now you’ve committed to making it a reality.

Up to now, you’ve dedicated weeks, and although you may have a team, essentially you are taking the lead or going it alone.

An Accountability Lab is a visioning, action and achievement tool for getting to your goals. 

You can still feel the thrill, but recently you’ve lost a bit of focus. Maybe a few days passed without much action. Maybe a week or two. Now you need to pick up, start again and get new traction.

Or maybe a bit of the excitement has faded but admin is creeping in the way, and the nitty gritty is bogging you down.

But you’ve given this your all, and you are committed, heart and soul. All you need to do is maintain that high energy that sparked you off in the first place. And maybe feel a bit less alone.

Human beings are wired to work as a collective, in companies, communities of practice, families or sports teams. We all know that two brains working together can innovate, create and build more and better than just one brain on its own. This is common knowledge, but search the literature a little, and it’s all rooted in science.

An Accountability Lab is a space where a small group of people can share their goals, report back on their progress and hold each other accountable. A collective way of getting things done and enabling your version of success.