Achieving a big objective requires colossal effort, right?

Yes, but this statement is only half true! The colossal effort happens in small steps taken one after the other over a period of time. The deal is that if you consistently bat away at your goal, you will get it – it’s a PROCESS-driven exercise. Visualising your goal day after day is lovely, but you have to DO stuff to get to it. Steps that seem unimportant, trivial and that are, lets be honest, often just plain boring.

So how do you put systems in place that will support and encourage you to get the results you want? One Small Nudge every day, every week and every month is a practical way of approaching a big objective. Just like watering your plants consistently every day will make your garden beautiful, brushing your teeth twice a day for a few minutes will make for less visits to the dentist, consistency is key.

An Accountability Lab is a monthly meeting for tracking and reviewing goals ideal for small business, freelancers and consultants.

Labs take place once a month over the period of a year: in order to achieve personal and business goals, we require SYSTEMS to remind us of our goals and the process to get to them. Your team members in your Accountability Lab will listen to and acknowledge the steps you have taken in moving forward the month before and will hold you accountable for the next steps you commit to in the month ahead.

Attending your monthly Accountability Lab is a routine – a system – that you can put in place for monthly evaluation, support and encouragement of the process to get what you want.

Next Accountability Lab cycle starts 31 October 17h00-18h00 in Rosebank:

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