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Have you set a goal and not followed through with it?

Otherwise, have you reached a goal and then just not felt any happier than before?

Experts say that this is because of ‘failures in conative process’. 

Huh? WTF is ‘conative process’? The human capacity to set and pursue personal agendas is referred to by researchers using this term. (It’s got nothing to do with the cone in the picture – that’s just me making a bad pun-with-a-pic). In other words, when you set a goal, you make proactive efforts to attain a specific outcome and meet your particular needs – this process is a distinct human activity just like your cognitive processes and your emotional processes. 

Looking at it this way, the act of pursuing goals can actually be seen as something specific to observe and manage like you would your thinking or your feelings. A distinct mechanism that requires practice and measurement.

Our achievements are a delayed measure of our habits. Sticking to the habits that we know will make us get to our goals are probably a pretty good way to predict success or failure of conative process.

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