It reads like sci-fi but it’s 10 years away. Each day we plug away and get one day closer.

At One Small Nudge, we aim to humanise productivity by tracking your objectives, goals and plans in groups called Accountability Labs. There is evidence that people who tell other people their goals are 39,5% more likely to achieve them. Telling a friend will increase this to 76,6%.

In Labs each person has the opportunity to talk about goals: smaller monthly ones, as well as bigger objectives over the medium term. There’s a big social incentive to reaching your goals AND when you don’t… we discuss what you learnt and flesh out why there’s avoidance or procrastination. In a nice way! Support, encouragement and growthmindset is the focus.

We believe in #penpower. What’s the big deal? If we write down our goals by hand using a pen or pencil and paper, then we are activating more parts of our brain. This way, we engage our brain effectively and efficiently to build stronger neural pathways related to what we want to achieve and when we want to achieve it by.

Accountability Labs are once a month and take place in a cycle of nine over the space of a year. This way we build in a monthly habit to express goals verbally to others and in writing to ourselves.


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