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Posts by Mel

V. Ashwin

Your workshop really did help and I have used the tools you have given me to start implementing various goals in the business. Thank you for your help and for helping me with prioritising and setting up bite size ways to reach big daunting goals!

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Q. Duncan

Laura-Ann’s Accountability Labs have really helped me keep both business and personal goals top of mind. Our regular group meetings make sure that I keep working at getting where I want to go and have proven a valuable tool in helping me decide what I should say “Yes” to and what I should turn down…

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D. Jensen

One Small Nudge facilitated a business strategy session for our team, with the objective of reflecting on our current position and re-aligning our vision and strategy (executable actions) going forward. The workshop exceeded my expectation, it was well handled with a clear focus and enough room to allow for all the insights to be gathered…

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L. Cilliers

“The Accountability Labs have helped me move forward in both my personal and professional life. This experience has highlighted how instrumental incremental progress is in reaching your bigger, scarier goals. This experience has taught me the importance of breaking down those hefty goals into palatable action points that move me forward, as opposed to being…

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S. Dewkaran

“Thank you Laura for an amazing session. You have inspired me, and taught me how to organize the way I approach my tasks . The session has motivated me , and I recently started a training company, I know that using your techniques explained in your teachings, that I will not be overwhelmed, and will…

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