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Posts by Laura-Ann Tomasella

Who’s got your back?

One Small Nudge is about using a social learning environment to make better decisions, improve productivity and performance in a way that’s best suited to the human brain. If you freelance, consult or have your own business, who are your peers? Who helps you make decisions? Who is your team? How do you think through…

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Getting the whole picture

I hear my clients and colleagues complain of ‘Zoom fatigue’ almost every day. Our ears are essential to hearing and learning, but what is it about having meetings on screen vs in person that is so exhausting? Turns out that listening is as much a visual as an ‘aural’ enterprise. During a perfectly audible conversation,…

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Have you set a goal and not followed through with it?

Otherwise, have you reached a goal and then just not felt any happier than before? Experts say that this is because of ‘failures in conative process’.  Huh? WTF is ‘conative process’? The human capacity to set and pursue personal agendas is referred to by researchers using this term. (It’s got nothing to do with the cone in…

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