What you can expect

We will set up a ‘psychological contract’ in your Lab's first session. This will clearly describe the purpose of the Lab and commit the group to confidentiality.

You will be expected to actively participate.

Members may suggest ideas or solutions, but the central purpose of members is to encourage action by holding each other accountable to set goals.

Your Lab may decide to write a simple description or group contract. It is important that this is simple, actionable and requires minimum time:

“Our Lab will meet on the first Wednesday of each month, February to December, from 7h15 to 8h15am. Our Lab's goal is to encourage regular action from each member. Everyone will commit to monthly goals, and report back at the next session on what they did and didn’t achieve. We value listening to each individual member. We will set up a WhatsApp group to post ad hoc successes and motivational content, but we will keep content ‘clean’ – no junk!" 


Each Lab is facilitated by Laura, who takes charge and keep everybody on board! She structures the sessions and between sessions asks members for updates to ensure consistency.

Laura will ensure that Labs don’t get complicated and outstep the purpose. Clarity, ease and simplicity is what makes Labs work

Occasionally your Lab may talk about ‘learnings’ or the pose the odd question, but the sessions are aimed at support and accountability. This is an opportunity to connect with others and know you have a supportive community around you.



Your Lab will agree on how failure to action goals will be met. Everyone will have bad weeks where they don’t achieve their goals, or busy weeks when there’s just no time. Flexibility is key in the dynamic world we live in. The purpose of Labs is to encourage and support action in order to bolster it. Cheering on a member may be enough to help them refocus. And after a bad few weeks, it’s constructive to have a community of people who will support you, and will remind you that you can wipe the slate clean and start afresh. And have a sense of humour.

Agree on consequences for inaction in the Lab. Collective energy is key to its success! If members have stopped taking active roles, they will be gently asked if they are still interested in participating. If a member does not participate for two consecutive sessions, then they will be released from the Lab.