The small steps to big success

What if you could align what you do today with what you want tomorrow?

One Small Nudge offers Social Learning Labs, called Nudge Labs, where

“easy does it” helps you achieve the things that are important to you.

Nudge Labs

Research shows that human beings need guidance, direction, contact, connection and validation from fellow human beings. Social animals, we’re also self-programming organisms capable of creating our own lives via our choices.

There’s no question that the most effective way to achieve this is in a group led by a specialist, but many people can’t sustainably access this level of input.

Operating deep inside the frenzy of “getting things done” while struggling with limited time and competing demands, you may feel like you can’t translate your broader vision for your life into small, achievable steps – let alone track your progress.


Well, it’s time you stepped into a Nudge Lab.

Nudge Labs, the flagship offering of the One Small Nudge brand, serve to activate your goals, using accountability as a tool. But before you run for the hills, we don’t use medieval machines or ice picks to re-programme your brain into a ‘newer, better’ version of itself. This is not a 'control and goal' type intervention; it’s self-determined evolution that is based on an evidence-based approach.

Facilitated by highly experienced and qualified executive coach Laura-Ann Tomasella, Nudge Labs unite individuals in small groups – virtually or in-person – to define and realise their priorities using tiny, achievable steps.

This is a (usually) one-year journey to shift your mindset and activate your brain in order to realise your goals. You’re part of a trusted cohort of people on a similar path who will be with you throughout the process.

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Our approach? When you engage with One Small Nudge, you start by deciding what you want to work on. We prioritise your agency, your needs and your goals – offering you tools to set aside the time you need to get to what you want to do! You’ll find that we do carrots, not sticks. We are firm, but fair. We challenge and stretch, always with sensitivity.

Think about working your way up from stiff, inflexible hips and legs to a full splits (either metaphorically or literally). Nudge Labs guide you in ways that make each small stretch feel gentle, achievable and cumulative. Our kick-off point is making a start. Taking a first step. Nudging yourself to complete the smallest possible action to achieve change, success or even mastery.

For instance, you might examine your mindset, take actionable steps in your business, and then go back to mindset to see if you can identify a pattern. As time passes, and your group cements, other people start holding you accountable for what you want to do.







Potential, with other people, is multiplied

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Professionals have spent years researching and writing on the effects of working together to innovate, create, and build. You already know that, when it comes to human beings, one plus one equals four and eight and so on.

The potential is exponential.

And when you group business owners and high performers, use social accountability to clear their mental clutter, and develop a reflective space for them to assess their priorities in small increments, with facilitation, you get magic.

Participants in our Nudge Labs have found that, because they live and work in a tough world, the skill of translating broader visions into small, achievable and measurable steps is absolutely critical. They can show up, express a goal, get input when it comes to exploring new possibilities, commit to themselves, and grow.

The One Small Nudge “Nudge Lab” model is built on:

  • Brain science
  • Systems theory
  • Adult learning theory
  • Behavioural science
  • Behavioural economics
  • Business science


Who’s it for?

Nudge Labs are designed for anyone wanting to get their stuff together once and for all. This includes freelancers, consultants, business owners, start-ups, remote workers, and corporate individuals who:

  • Start the year with indefinitely re-scheduled resolutions
  • Want to develop leadership capacities and growth mindsets alongside likeminded people
  • Feel so overwhelmed that just thinking about ‘goals’ can cause nausea
  • Have trouble identifying their own could-be-healthier or not-so-functional mindset patterns
  • Find traditional coaching unsustainable for reasons of time, cost or momentum
  • Feel isolated and need a safe space to regain their mojo
  • Need personal development tools that can be applied to a business context

“Yes, you can achieve a lot during short bursts of stress. But in general you cannot perform optimally if you don’t feel safe and relaxed for a good chunk of the day.” – Laura-Ann Tomasella

Meet your facilitator

Laura-Ann Tomasella is a professional executive coach with postgraduate qualifications in Management. Specialising in business coaching, she teaches high performers how to nudge their personal and professional lives into gear.

Laura believes big things are accomplished with micro-change; with small yet effective steps. Through One Small Nudge, she helps individuals to attach meaning to tasks that, previously, made them want to toss a computer out of the window.

Her education includes a Masters of Management in Business Executive Coaching (Wits Business School 2011-2014), a Business & Executive Coaching Certificate (WBS 2010), a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (WBS), and a BA Honours Degree (Wits).

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