How Accountability Labs work

Run well, an Accountability Lab is a way of tracking progress over time on your goals.
It will compel you to look strategically at the month ahead and establish clear priorities. You can check back in with your Lab if you start to procrastinate or become overwhelmed about the next step.
A great Accountability Lab will help you clarify your goals, get on top of your projects, catch up on your objectives if you lag, and get ahead.






We believe that taking action increases self-confidence and your sense of wellbeing. Giving each other permission to take action, can be a powerful tool to make things happen.

The first session is about meeting each other and chatting about big goals that require years to achieve. It’s a sharing and synergy session, but it will conclude with a SMART goal for the next session.

After the first meeting, the sessions are about doable goals to be achieved by the next meeting date. The session follows a format, whereby each member checks in, we have a round-table discussion, and then we commit and check out. We also follow a protocol, based loosely on Nancy Kline’s ‘Time to Think’, so that each Lab member gets airtime. Active listening is what makes a goal-focussed gathering like this work!

The sessions are self-driven, so bring a pen and your journal or your device!

Accountability Labs work for people in different ways – especially if you are driven to meet external obligations. To find out more about how you relate to external obligations, take this free quiz.

This is Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Four Tendencies’ framework – you can see how you and your fellow Lab members will respond to expectations, how best to manage ourselves, make better decisions and explain why we act… or why we don’t act! So keep this in mind when deciding to join.